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Master Packing & Rubber Company (MPRC) takes great pride in “thinking outside the box” to do whatever it takes to assist our customers, and we never shy away from challenging or problem applications that many suppliers turn down. One example of a solution we provided our customer is a fully-molded “Ladder gasket,” which goes inside […]


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A look back at the 2022 Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) in Minneapolis, MN MPRC recently attended the Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) in Minneapolis, MN.  As a leader in innovative seal technology, the goal of exhibiting at this year’s show was for MPRC to continue to increase awareness of our current presence in the Industrial and […]


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Gasket Materials and Understanding Choices for gasket selection through ASTM Tests  Today’s blog will be posted below in print and is also available as a video here:   So many good competitors…so many good materials. It adds to the dilemma in picking who to work with and even more importantly, what to work with […]


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The M-Nozzle™ Gasket from MPRC. When it comes to Railcar Manway gaskets, let’s face it: there are too many sizes, thicknesses, and variations to keep track of. How can you tell the difference between a gasket that’s supposed to be 21” x 19” versus a gasket of similar color that’s 21 1/4” x 18 7/8”? […]


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MPRC Employee Spotlight: Sebastian Struchen, Shipping Manager Sebastian (aka “Sea-bass”) is MPRC’s Shipping Manager. Sebastian has been with MPRC for 7 ½ years and is a tremendous asset to our team.  Thanks to his leadership and the efforts of our shipping department, you can rest assured your order will get to you as quickly as […]


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Patrick (Pat) Silvey VP of Technical Service & Sales Joined Master Packing, 2017 Not only is Pat a valuable asset to us here at MPRC in his role as VP of Technical Service and Sales at MPRC, but he can hold the beat down and lay down some serious notes on the skins too. Pat’s […]


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MPRC Bio-Fuel Test To cover our recent test and findings, we need to briefly identify what a Bio-Fuel is: Bio-Fuels- unlike other renewable energy sources, come from biomass such as plant or animal waste.  A Bio-Fuel comes from the conversion of this waste into a liquid fuel, used to meet transportation fuel needs. There are […]


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In the Engine business, most gaskets fail due to a combination of thermal cycling and improper surface preparation.  Surfaces can become scratched, warped, or pitted which doesn’t allow for equal compression on the sealing surface, increasing the failure rate of the material. Many people spend a lot of time searching for the perfect gasket material […]


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MPRC Team Member Spotlight:  Laura Suttles- Inside Sales/Customer Service- Master Packing & Rubber Company (MPRC) Chances are, if you have called Master Packing & Rubber Company, you have most certainly talked to Laura. She’s the pleasant and cheery voice that answers the phone, ensuring your order is heading your way. Many of us call her […]


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Wow – here we are, starting yet ANOTHER New Year.  Some of us are still getting used to writing “2021” on our checks, and many of us couldn’t be happier putting last year behind us. There’s no question the past two years have been challenging.  Our company and our city experienced the damage of a […]